April Fool’s Day 2021

Greetings Fellow Artists! It’s a happy day when I can create. Currently, I’m still painting with Acrylics. I seem to be dragging my feet about getting my oils out.

I have not set up shopping at the different sites I mentioned in March. Perhaps this month. The business gets in my way of painting.

I will be taking a week off this month and traveling to IL. My sister has metastatic endometrial cancer. She’s undergoing treatment now. If you send prayers or good healing vibes to Ma Shaw in IL, it is much appreciated.

I love Spring and getting out of the house to garden. I recently planted a wild berry emu bush, a red sage bush and various sunflower seeds. The seeds are sprouting! I also have several hibiscus plants and rosemary. The rosemary keeps my paw, Ghost, from eating the hibiscus trees. I also use Mylar balloons to keep the pigeons out of my yard. The balloons do not scare off the hummingbirds.

I’m off to painting now. Take care and happy Painting!

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