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Thursday Lunch & Learn Painting Classes, offered for free by Plaid, provides a weekly painting project on their FB page. Andy B Jones is often the teacher for this class. This last week’s Lunch & Learn was a pumpkin patch painted by Andy. His lesson was to paint this on a palette-type board that he found at one of the large craft box stores.

I did not have a palette-type board and didn’t want to order one. So, I improvised. I took a regular 16×20 canvas and glued (Elmer’s) Japanese paper to the canvas for texture. I let this dry overnight and then trimmed the paper. I then drew with ink plank lines 2 inches apart. I then “stained” the canvas with a mixture of acrylic Asphaltum and Veridian. I used Folk Art Pure Pigment and Original Folk Art paints for this.

After the background dried, I transferred my pattern. I layered the paint on my pumpkins using a dry brush method. I started with Pueblo, added Pure Orange (two coats), then Medium Yellow and Pure Orange, then Yellow Light and Pure Orange, and then Titanium White in a few places. For the stems, I used Asphaltum and Veridian.

When all the paint dried, I added some Napthol Crimson, Copper Gold, and Fire Opal Gold for a few highlights.

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