Pumpkin of Peace & Joy

My Pumpkin

This pumpkin was fun to do using some mixed media. I took a 12×16 canvas board and with a trowel spread on some modeling paste. I then took a sponge and dabbed it all over the canvas to give it a sponge-type texture. I knocked down any really large peaks with a palette knife. Then I let the board dry thoroughly. In AZ, that can be two to four hours. Others might need to wait 24 hrs. I then used a light gray mixture of acrylic paint and painted the board. I then transferred my pumpkin pattern. I use graphite paper to transfer. On this I used a gray color of transfer paper. For the background colors, I used a creamy mixture of paint to cover the gray. Afterwards, I used a dry brush to overlay some paint onto the textured surface. The pumpkin itself, I used mostly dry brushing and just added layers of white. In the crevases of the pumpkin, I used a wash of asphaltum, some green, and some blue. I also added some orange in places as some additional color enhancing. Then, a little more dry brushing white highlights. The pumpkin stem is asphaltum and white. This was a fun painting. The pattern and lesson was from AB Jones through Plaid. I love that the texture affected this painting when creating a 3D effect. /per

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